Nice to meet you.

Ethical Style Hunter is the creation of us - Liv and Tess, two sisters hailing from Auckland New Zealand with a shared love of fashion and the pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle.

We have both taken on the challenge of phasing out fast fashion, and embracing a more mindful and sustainable approach to our wardrobes and our lives. We’re learning as we go, but see the revolution happening and we want in! Here’s a little more about us:

Liv Doogue (left) and Tessa Chilala

Liv Doogue (left) and Tessa Chilala


The original concept for Ethical Style Hunter was born from Liv’s background in social enterprise and conscious consumerism. The project is a combination of two of her true loves: social justice and fashion. She firmly believes in integrating personal values with work pursuits and keeps her heart central to everything she does.

Liv has spent the majority of her career in the world of specialty coffee, most recently managing a fair trade coffee roasting company with a strong social and environmental focus. Early on in the coffee industry she became intrigued by the power of business as a transformative tool. Her experience travelling to the source and meeting producers has shown her firsthand how communities are elevated and empowered when business is done right. Liv believes the global shift toward conscious consumerism means that a better world is not only possible but inevitable.

Her personal style can be summed up as minimal, almost always black, often locally made and paired with white sneakers or black boots.



Tessa has over 15 years experience in the environmental management and sustainability sectors. With a particular passion for the space where people and the environment meet, she views people as both the cause of, and solution to our current ecological issues.

A love for wildlife and the natural world took her to Kenya for a three month stint researching monkeys in a tropical forest. Those three months turned into six years, a marriage in Mukuni Village, and now two beautiful baby boys of Kiwi and Zambian heritage. These days Tessa is working as a sustainability consultant with a focus on carbon management and supply chain mapping.

Tessa has a fascination for businesses which are making a profit while taking care of people and the earth, and sees the fashion world as having huge potential to be transformative.

A denim and sneaker freak, Tessa loves clothes that she can breathe and move (and eat) in. She appreciates op-shopping as much as Stella and Céline. She is hugely excited to be on the journey towards a more conscious and slow approach to her wardrobe.