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Want to phase out fast fashion and use your consumer power for good? Here are some great places to start. 


good on you: a tool for transparency

Good On You is a game changer for the New Zealand ethical consumer. It allows you to make informed buying decisions, making your dollar more powerful than ever. 

Established in Australia and soon to launch here in New Zealand, the app allows you to find ethical brand ratings in the palm of your hands.

Good On You has evaluated 1,000 brands based on their social and environmental impact. Each brand is assessed and then rated on their treatment in three categories, showing how each brand performs on labour rights, the environment and animal protection.

You can search by brand, shop, or product type. The app even suggests similar brands that may better match your values and helps you discover brands that match your style and budget, as well as your ethical preferences.

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#whomademyclothes image provided by Fashion Revolution

#whomademyclothes image provided by Fashion Revolution


the true cost

The film The True Cost examines the fashion industry and astounding impact of fast fashion. It is a heartbreaking revelation of the social and environmental consequences of an unchecked industry driven purely by profit.

The True Cost is available to view on Netflix, or you can rent it from their website. Look for pubic screenings in your area, or even host one yourself. Find out more at their website:

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Take nothing

Take nothing

Ethical Fashion? There's an app for that. 

















Fashion Revolution began in response to the devastating Rana Plaza collapse in 2013. Since then, the revolution has been gaining groundswell, spreading awareness and encouraging consumers to use their voices to demand transparency and accountability. Get in contact with brands and ask them #whomademyclothes to discover the real people throughout the supply chain and check out their website for more ways to take action and get involved.

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Possibly the most revolutionary thing we can do in the face of the fast fashion epidemic is to simply stop buying. Just take a breath and consider how addicted to consuming we are. How many cheap items of clothing are sitting in your room right now, that you’ll never wear because you don’t value them or feel beautiful in them? With a small shift in our mindsets, we can start being happier with less. If we're comparing ourselves to the Kardashians we can lose sight of how rich and abundant our lives already are. It’s easy to not buy anything - look, you’re doing it right now!