She Lives Cruelty Free

She Lives Cruelty Free is one of those brands which exudes intention and passion at every level. The business was born out of a shocking revelation of the truths behind some well known and loved makeup brands. Haley Guildford decided enough was enough, and decided to be the change she wanted to see in the world.

She Lives Cruelty Free has been bringing some of the worlds best vegan and cruelty free beauty products and makeup to New Zealand since 2014, and the demand keeps growing. We had a chat with founder and Director Haley Guildford about her unique journey. 



My best friend and I a few years back decided to look into where our makeup came from and started to discover some pretty awful truths about our favourite products and brands. We decided there has to be a better way, so we made a pact never to purchase products that were tested on animals and decided to bring some of the best Cruelty Free makeup and skincare brands to New Zealand.

We will be giving away these beauties to a lucky reader! Stay tuned...

We will be giving away these beauties to a lucky reader! Stay tuned...


What's one of your biggest challenges you face as a strictly cruelty-free brand?

Probably the fact that there are so many already well-established brands and stores that people know and have become familiar with over the years. Converting people to change to brands that they may not be so in the know with can always be a little difficult. It's just a matter of constantly sharing information that might help people make more conscious decisions when purchasing their skincare or makeup. 


What are some of your top sellers?

Definitely the Tailor Masque. Tailor is a really great, natural skincare range, made in New Zealand. Also the Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara, Eco Tan Tanning products and Natural Coconut Deodorant and the Spectrum Collection vegan brushes. 

Some of the best sellers from  She Lives Cruelty Free

Some of the best sellers from She Lives Cruelty Free


have you noticed a change in consumer awareness and demand for beauty products that don't harm (or contain) animals?

Yes! Which is great. Over the past few years, there has been a huge shift in what people are buying and where they are buying it from. The demand is definitely growing. Cruelty-free products fit into this whole sustainable living movement. people wanting to live more ethically, which I think is an awesome thing. The more we think about the effects that our actions and decisions have on the planet and our environment, the better. 


What's the most surprising thing you've learned from your time in the cruelty-free beauty world?

That you have to look deeper than what's on the label of the product you are buying. It's a complex web when it comes to labelling for skincare and makeup. Do your own research, find out about imagery and ingredients. Companies that may not be 100% cruelty-free have some very clever ways of getting around certain things. On a positive note, there are some really great apps out there for this like Peta and Bunny Free. They help you determine whether brands or certain products are cruelty-free or not. 


What beauty product or products can't you live without and why?

A great face cleanser, moisturiser and h20! I'm currently using the Tailor Dry Cleanse a few times a week. With the colder weather, my skin becomes super dry. This stuff is amazing. It really gently exfoliates and is made from natural ingredients. I also use a raw, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil on my skin, this stuff is magic. Plus, you can't beat water for a miracle worker. If I had to choose a makeup item, it would be the EOH Goddess Mascara and the Brow Perfect.


What makes you optimistic?

That there are more and more people realising about animal testing and that they are wanting to make a change. Seeing more adverts and publicity on these issues in documentaries, protests and adverts are a big deal. The word is slowly getting out there. 

Step by step guide from the  She Lives Cruelty Free Blog

Step by step guide from the She Lives Cruelty Free Blog


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